[x] concept

sculptrice v 2.1

sculptrice is conceived as an active system, that consists of three overlapping space-vortexes: physical, digital and sensorial. an installation-instrument that sculpts space, altering the environment to extend perception, and 'revealing' an invisible part of reality.

sculptrice is activated through a number of possible field interactions, bases on the theremin, a free-form gestural instrument that picks up the surrounding electromagnetic field.

this version of sculptrice reflects upon the recent belief in biocommunication that plants are sentient, that they experience pain, pleasure, or emotions, and that they have the ability to communicate with humans and other life forms.

sculptrice functions as an enhancement to the active field of the plants it uses in symbiosis. the amplified field can be entered and interacted with by the audience, creating a temporary habitat.

version 2.1
direction / concept / video Sofia von Bustorff
programming Bart Vandeput
interface/sensors Andrey Smirnov
sound Guy de Bievre / Johan Vandermaelen
design Sylvia Dall Piaz