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direction / concept / video sofia v bustorff
programming Mattijs Kneppers / Antonio della Marina
interface/sensors Andrey Smirnov
sound file Michael Delia

with the support of Transmedia, IMAutoMaat, Hotel Pupik, a=v and Don't Do It Yourself

with many thanks to Alexandra Dementieva, Boris Debackere, Elisabeth Bond, Guy de Bievre, Jo Huybrechts, Josef Novotny, Juan Duque, okno.be

introduction to the theremin technology by andrey smirnov
technicalities v]prototype

MacBookPro, Max/MSP 5, Jitter

Sony VPL-CS5 (datacable)

M-Audio FireWire 410 4-In/10-Out FireWire Mobile Recording Interface
8 active speakers, Creative (cables, adaptors, extension cords)

Theremin Sensor USB Interface

1 clip antenna (2.5m cable, 1m radius)
1 mini-sensor (2.5m cable, 0.5m radius)
2 standard sensor boxes (5m cable, 0.5m radius)