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we enter sculptrice to interact with it. consisting of three overlapping spaces or vortexes: a physical, a digital and a sensorial, these interwoven layers are nuances of the same underlying hybrid space. as installation-instrument, it allows for the altering of lights and visuals extending what the traditional theremin does for sound. the idea of sculpting space, altering the environment, recombining existing tools to extend perception, and 'reveal' an invisible part of reality, thereby adding to our understanding of it. since the spectrum comprises of all the waves that there are, images and sounds using electromagnetism among its sources should come 'alive'.

activated through a number of possible interactions, closely localized around input devices or islands, that are theremins or conducting antennas. the theremin is a free-form gestural instrument that can be played intuitively, as it picks up the surrounding electromagnetic field, which can, in turn, be used to explicit certain parameters in the experiential realm. maybe for its female attributes, sculptrice is a passive creative force that needs to be activated; but like the sculpture that grows into itself during the process of carving, this one develops through the flowing, ebbing and overlapping of gestures and movement.