sofia v bustorff (de/pt)
categories; video, installation, urban projections, remote events
selected works

Preserving Leif BRUSH
sculptrice, transmedia, topolo, hotel pupik, happy new ears
still/moving with michael delia, ccnoa, brussels
casca-tales with michael delia, stazione di topolo
absence seizure II, at tobecontinued, vienna
monde, time-specific, la serratura
pssst, with michael delia, vienna
villa dd videowall, 5 individual and a common intervention, villa dd, belgium
wet corners of the universe, 11 video-pieces by 7 artists, skolska28, prague + kentler drawing space, brooklyn
seascape for "4+1" project by angelica castello, echoraum, vienna
birdbe, with fcca "beyond the dream syndicate", prague and anyware, kitchen, new york
atmoscapes, screening selected works, at the former diapason, new york
un/geplant, organ interpretation for josef novontny, vienna, austria
liquid walls, itinerary projection with silvia dal piaz, architectura urbana, padova
in s(p)ite of fire, collaborate site-specific urban intervention, beograd
tokyo - prague, collaborative photography project
taste II: mitte-mai-fest, praterstrasse, vienna
meantime, international video project by deborah magocsi, new york
sensory compression, video documentation: the heart of pq, international scenography festival, prague
bye bye birdie, 2 videoartists and 2 musicians, budapest

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the 'invisible' is all around, comprised of all things that the senses or established neuronal connections cannot even notice.

technology and medicine alike work on bringing more of the 'physical' reality to our attention, while shamanism and mysticism dwell in the 'psychical' realms with much the same motive.

i attempt to make these concepts 'experiential', drawing from any number of sources, employing tools or techniques appropriate for a given project, merging between the disciplines.

an initial interest in virtual environments led through cultural studies and production; these last years, remote events and visual works in artistic collaborations and large scale urban projects were dominant.

research-focused and process-oriented, image combines with sound, space, sense perception, neuronal pattern generation, morphic energy fields permeating these, with and without human or other-specie interaction.

currently, i am working on 'sculptrice' - an installation-instrument that will make more aspects of the invisible perceivable.