leif BRUSH :: a path through the years

1971 1/2 hexagram, roof sound installation School of the Art Institute of Chicago              
1971 satellite conducts and roadside sound sculpture Paw Law and Lawton, Michigan              
1972 Free Spectral Ranae University of Iowa Museum of Art           Cross-Jeffries Video Laser II  
1975, April + October All Occurrences are Linked Center for New Performing Arts, University of Iowa, Clapp Recital Hall/font>           terrain instruments, thunders, modulated laser/telephone recordings  
1976, March + April Orchestral Concept Array N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago           terrain instruments, personal scans  
1976, December Terrain Instruments Structure Series and Voltage from Nature State University of NY at Alfred (SUNY)              
1977, May Imported Sources:Terrain Instruments and Tree Clusters University of Maryland, Baltimore County              
1977, December Imported Sources:Forest Compression Series N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago              
1977 Imported Sources:Forest Compression Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota           Real Time Satellite Transmission and Playing from the Terrainstruments Structure Series  
1978 Terraininstruments sounds playing St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center, Depot Theater, Duluth, Minnesota              
1978, April+May s-able Atmosheres?? Wright State University Gallery, Dayton, Ohio              
1978 Leif Brush: Exactly What is he Doing? Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Minnesota              
1979, May Enter the Ether Multiple Balloon Sound and Spacework Art Research Center, Kansas City              
1979 Terraplane Chorography Part I Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Minnesota              
1979, July Laser Soundwork Oxbow Summer School of Art, Saugatuck, Michigan              
1979 Wire Trees in Four Sectors School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Ann Arbor, University of Michigan
Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY
California State University
          sound, videotape collaborative sound/videotape performance with Stuart Pettigrew, Gunther Tetz, Phillip Lee Morton
1980, June Terraplanr Chorography II International Listening Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis              
1982, October 9 Teleconstruct Spacework I Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY           soundwork performance via Westar IV collaboration with minneso and NY artists; supported by Jerome Foundation
1982 Spring Concert Marshall Performing Arts Center, University of Minnesota, Duluth              
1983, October 7 transmission Washington D.C.??           simultaneous transmission on the Wisconsin Campus and public radio broadcast supported by the Wisconsin Humanities Commission and the Wisconsin Art Board
1983, October 7 Teleconstructs Spacework II Academy of Science Auditorium, Washington D.C.           carried live from the Terrain Instruments site to Washington via Westar V satellite commissioned by the New Music America 83
1984, May 1 Performance Series: Image Perturbations/Sound Chorographics Walker Art Center             sponsored by Minneapolis public FM radio station KFAI
1984 or 1985?? Image Perturbations/Sound Chorographics II Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut
South Carolina Educational Radio Network, Columbia
Alabama educational commission
WLRH-FM, Huntsville/font>
          11?? via Westar V satellite  
1985-1986 Unattended Terrain Instruments by Leif Brush Northern State College, Aberdeen, South Dakota
Philips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts
University of Denver
University of South Dakota, Vermillion
The University of North Dakota Cable Television Network, Aberdeen
         color video tape with sound The Dakota Video_Review
1986, April Intraspace University of Minnesota, Duluth           dance concert a dance/audio collaboration with Marni Mahaffey
1986, August+September A SuonoHologram Tweed Museum of Arts, University Minnesota, Duluth           dance concert dance/audio collaboration with choreographer Marni Mahaffey
1986, May 10 The Crystal Quilt New Music America 1987, Philadelphia or?? IDS Tower, Minneapolis           commission with performance artist Suzanne Lacy
commission New Music America 1987
funding by NEA
1989, December-1990, January The Radio Art Project Cleveland Performance Art Festival           tapes broadcast  
1989, December xx MAPS exhibition, Toelgyfa Galeria, Budapest, Hungary           telephone-controlled soundworks presented by Matthias Fuchsfont>
1990, May 7 Spirit Catchers Dudley Experimental Theatre, Marshall Performing Arts Center, University Minnesota, Duluth           collaborative performance with composer/performer Annea Lockwood  
1990 ForBirds, an exhibition with an avian theme Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, Wisconsin       catalogue      
1993, August 11 Presentation of the Terrain Instruments work for Tuning of the World Banff Centre for the Arts           presentation First International Conference on Acoustic Ecology
Banff Centre for the Arts & University of Calgary
1994, May Terrain Instruments Soundwork Creating Across Disciplines annual performance, Univeristy of Minnesota, Duluth              
1994, November 3+4 ?? Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis           performance work with computer-processed sound; Terrain instruments sound, video, koto & khene performances, set design, texts, reading collaboration with Warren Burt, Philip Blackburn, Carolyn Ehler, Miriam Gerberg, Mark Novak
sponsored by the Minnesota Composer's Forum
1995 Jukebox-in-the-sky over deconstructed voting booth Faculty Biennial Exhibition, Univeristy of Minnesota, Duluth           installation with light and sound  
1996, March 31 digital Terrain Instruments tapes Magma Morphose, The Space Gallery, Minneapolis           sonic environment presentation  
1996, April 3-13 Presentation of computer-manipulated Terrain Instruments Soundworks SoundCulture 96, Listening Room, San Francisco Art Commission Gallery           presentation SoundCulture 96, a trans- Pacific festival of sonic art and contemporary sound practice, sponsored by the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, the San Francisco Art Institute, The Lab, and New Langton Arts
1997, October-December I Ask You Leif Brush endeavor: I Ask You/i>, Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth           website featuring acoustic experiments  
1998- represented artist ICC, Tokyo NTT           online data-base  
2000 Terrain Instruments soundwork broadcast Other Worlds program, Australian National Radio           broadcast, presented by Bert Clough, programmed by Warren Burt  
2001 Terrain Instruments soundwork mars moon snatch positioning?? Synthese 2001, GMEB festival, Bourges, France              
2007 Frost pictures machine PIE/font>             Terrain Instruments Frost Printer 1973 construction  
2008 Terrain Instruments 2nd retrospective, and faux Microflown ?? soundwork