leif BRUSH :: videography | archive material

  1980 Terraplane Chorography I 28'13 UMATIC b/w also called: Chorography I
definite version, edited & commented by Leif Brush
  1986 Leif Brush:
Imaging Particulate Matter
29'03 UMATIC Longhall documentary on Terrain Instruments & concepts & techs
  1980 RedIceberg Proposal 8'24 UMATIC grant proposal for OS, community, tele-project; fluxus performative
  1984 Leif Brush:
The Terrain Instruments Soundworks
27'07 UMATIC  
  1982 Hudson River Museum (1) 56'58 UMATIC  
  xxxx Leif Brush on local TV 7'05 UMATIC local news reportage on sound artist Leif Brush
  1982 Hudson River Museum (2) 60'08 UMATIC  
  1979 10k Cube Acre or invitational Enter the Ether: Multiple Balloon Sound and Spacework, during "Ten Acres Over Kansas City Parks" 25'59 VHS raw recording of balloon event, b/w, underlying piano
  1979 Terraplane Chorography I 19'31 VHS b/w raw recording
  1972-73? embedded Uranus 2'03 DIG visualization work with sound
with Leif Brush
27'58 VHS The first comprehensive documentary on Leif Brush, in interview with Steward Turnquist was funded by the Jerome Foundation. With original footage (audio, video and photography), by Leif Brush and the team around producer/director Jerome Downes.
  1977 Meany Ice Shelf 26'23 VHS b/w Different unedited recordings: an explanation of the Meany Ice Shelf Rercording project with diagram and commentary (00'10-5'56)
  1987- Permanent Forest Terrain Instruments 15'06 VHS Different Recordings, starting in 1987: most significant are different Terrain Instrument series' recording with sound (6'40-10'08), a panorama of the garden (11'56-14'55), and the introductory premise on wind and wind stirred sounds.
  1984 teleSUONOhologram 13'27 VHS 0'00-8'30
  xxxx Terrain Instruments 00-17 32'02 VHS  
  1984 Terrain Instruments | Sound Bending 09'05 VHS Master from 1984 Visual Workshop Material (14'34); re-fined version
  xxxx Terrain Instruments 29'58 VHS  
  1984/1978 Vertical Tree Sway (misnomer):
2 documentaries REPEATED
58'44 VHS (1) Leif Brush: The Terrain Instrument Soundworks
  1984 Visual Workshop 14'34 VHS rawer version of as Sound Bending Video

All materials were digitized from NTSC, in June 2011.